The solutions we have designed for professional Creditors are based on unique expertise and a "bespoke software package".

As a specialist software publisher, what motivates us is the performance of our customers.

Combining the latest technology and our efforts in Research and Development has allowed MCO Finance to develop finely honed expertise. Our solutions are adapted to providing credit to private individuals or professionals and work for institutions of any size that produce and/or distribute simple or complex credit solutions, and for any volume of business.

Our offering covers the major fields in Credit:

And we do not intend to stop there... Our offering is gradually extending to other businesses and players in the world of finance.

We feel it is important to integrate the particularities of our customers' professions into our software packages. We cultivate this unique expertise to continue to better meet our customers' challenges.

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"XLoan" puts MCO Finance's expertise into action:

  • It is an ERP tool that is suited to providing credit for Individuals and Companies.
  • A powerful central processing unit that is expandable and complies with regulatory developments.
  • It provides an exhaustive coverage of services for your: Extranet, Front, Middle, and Back Office.

Available on license or in SAAS mode, Xloan offers additional services: specific development, integration, support and maintenance, training and outsourced data management.

Frédérique Boyer
Sales Director
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Gildas Postollec
Operations Director
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