In less than 10 years, the Primpromo solution has become the benchmark for property developers.





Drawing on its significant experience and extensive knowledge of the sector, Open developed the Primpromo solution specifically for property development.

Primpromo, a solution for enhancing property developer performance

The Primpromo solution derives its functional richness from a team of experts with recognised market experience and, above all, from regular contact with clients to gather their feedback.

Primpromo is enhanced each year with new  features based on our clients’ user experience, to offer you services that address all your business needs (legal, administrative, commercial, financial, accounting, technical)

Discover Primpromo Digital Suite: the suite of apps designed for new digital, collaborative and mobile uses. 
A tool available online and compatible with all devices (tablet, smartphone, PC). Work anywhere, any time.
Thanks to this solution, you can increase productivity and manage your budgets with ease.
Discover our catalogue’s different application services:

  • Budget calculator
  • Contract consultation
  • Budget simulation
  • Price scale simulation and sales management

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Discover Primpromo Integrated Edition: the most advanced software package on the market for optimising your performance and industrialising your operations.

The software covers all of your organisation's needs including: Development, Programme, Sales, Technical, Financial, Accounting, etc.

Many modules are available: budget simulation, financial management of your operations, management of legal firms, commercial management, property product tables, sales administration, contract management, advertising costs, accounting, etc.


Discover Primpromo Integrated Edition

Bruno Dupuis
Sales Director Primpromo
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