Why a marketplace ?

Uber like Alibaba symbolizes this wave of new key players who use the latest technologies to offer services and products directly to buyers (professionals or simple consumers), fundamentally disrupting consumption habits. What if Hilton was ahead of Airbnb, if Barnes & Nobles was ahead of Amazon ?! Launching your own Online Marketplace is a powerful way to become a reference player in your market, to digitize your activity or to increase its online monetization, while perfectly controlling your cash flow.

This model allows you to sell thousands of products on your site, without having to buy stocks or manage logistics. This time saving allows organizations to:

  • Offer a wide range of products & services
  • Test product without any risk
  • Capture customer sales that would go elsewhere
  • Drive more in store traffic thanks to a multi-channel strategy
  • Decrease the cost of customer acquisition
  • Generate incremental revenue 

Some figures

  • + 50% turnover in marketplaces from year to year
  • + 30% of buyers in the last 6 months
  • 70% of the 10 biggest French sites are marketplaces


IZBERG enables retailers, manufacturers, wholesalers, service companies and many others in succeeding in their platform strategy.

Modular and customizable, IZBERG SaaS Platform manages all the complex elements and workflows related to the project thanks to its APIs : connection to customer existing technical environment without constraints, integration of 3rd party sellers and their catalogue, management of financial flows etc.

Explore new businesses 

Expand your catalogue : no purchasing, storage or shipping costs

IZBERG Marketplace allows you to expand your offer by integrating third-party vendor catalogues and offering a selection of the best products. All this without bearing the costs of purchase, storage and shipping.

For example, many players in the e-commerce and retail sectors benefit from the advantages of the marketplace by aggregating sellers who enrich the initial catalogue.

Create a new business : add services to an existing offer

Adding a service offer to your core business allows you to enrich your value proposition and become the key player in your market. 

For example, manufacturers can now offer the sale of machines with the associated maintenance and repair service. Or, players in the insurance world can connect third party service providers and individuals.

Create a new business : avoiding disintermediation

The marketplace allow you to create an online commerce space connecting the actors of your ecosystem in order to offer a one-stop-shop to the end customer. You can thus aggregate the entire value chain of which you are initially part to become its referent via a single web platform. 

For example, a logistics provider who transports products from one company to another can aggregate different actors to enable them to trade online, while continuing to carry out its initial logistics activity. 

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