An industrial player in Application Portfolio Management

With an ever-richer and yet ageing application portfolio, IT directors have become impotent when faced with the necessity to ensure operational maintenance, development to meet users' needs, and overcome regulatory or technological constraints.

Outsourcing the maintenance of your applications can therefore be a real lever for your competitiveness and its challenges in terms of:

  • Industrialising services—by improving service levels, the quality of deliverables and productivity through implementing tried and tested methodologies and tools;
  • Seeking a durable partner offering a capacity to assist our clients with the long-term development of their information system and for the implementation of complex projects;
  • Access to expertise / formalised know-how thanks to a flexible organisation that is geographically distributed, which ensures that the appropriate resources and skill sets can be made available in any location;
  • Optimising costs by pooling logistical means and expertise: optimising recurring phases to allow for economies of scale.

Open assists its clients with their Application Portfolio Management.

For this purpose, it applies a modular and adaptable approach and has a range of offers to suit all needs, constraints and technological environments.

Structure de l'offre Gestion du Patrimoine Applicatif

Open's added value

Taking over the maintenance on an application portfolio requires the implementation of all the necessary services for the proper operation and updating of the applications in question.

Open has all of the essential qualifications for this type of activity (our methodology repository has been ISO 9001 certified since 2014):

  • Taking over recurring "base" services (patches, support, operational monitoring, etc.);
  • Maintaining upgrades and the adaptation of software;
  • Managing the infrastructure;
  • Draft version based on the project, etc.

However, in order to meet our clients' challenges, a unique vision of the maintenance of the application portfolio no longer seems appropriate. Indeed, in seeking the cost reductions desired by our project owners' General Management, we find that it is essential to focus the production capacity of an application portfolio's maintenance systems on activities with added value.

In other words, our teams and our development and management methods place more emphasis on upgrades rather than working on patches and support.

To this end, we apply the following levers:

  • Optimising developments by reducing the technical debt;
  • Reducing the time to market through industrialisation;
  • Increasing the reliability of knowledge by optimising operation

Different methods for delivery

For high-performance Application Portfolio Management, Open delivers à la carte services according to our clients' needs:

  • Dedicated Application Portfolio Management on the client's site
  • Pooled Application Services from the Services Centre in Lille.

Open offers a catalogue of on-demand services, performed in a pooled environment…

To assist our clients with the management of their application portfolio, Open guarantees an appropriate response to their needs for services in very short lead-times. To achieve this, Open uses an industrial production system (technical expertise and operational division, premises, hardware, methods and tools, etc.). This model allows clients to benefit from optimal quality conditions and to optimise costs, whilst maintaining flexibility and responsiveness.

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