A full range of skills and services to transform and optimise your information systems throughout their lifecycle.

Driven by the digital economy and increasing competition in the marketplace, business applications and technology must be constantly reinvented. Drawing on 30 years of experience, Open supports IT directors and different business units as they take new technological directions: cloud, mobility, outsourcing of services, new delivery methods, agility, DevOps and automation.

In this way, Open and its teams can help you every day to push your information system and your organisations towards greater responsiveness, customisation, performance and profitability.

“Here at Open, we share our clients’ conviction that the success of the digital transformation goes hand in hand with a high-performing IT engine. Because technology is our core business, we have built a complete range of services combining proximity and industrialisation. With over 3,650 employees and 15 agencies, including 7 service centres and 2 data centres, we work alongside you to optimise, transform and secure all of your IT solutions.”

Philippe Kanony

Built on flexible and industrial solutions with high added value, Open’s service offering covers the entire information system lifecycle:

  • IT consultancy and service design: Open’s expert IT consultants support IT directors in the design and implementation of new technological solutions: cloud transformation, sourcing and outsourcing strategies, managed IT outsourcing, security, etc. Open also supports your business units through its 500 consultants in project management assistance.
  • Application development and solution integration: Open understands that organisations want to take full advantage of their legacy systems while benefiting from the most recent technologies. Open therefore designs and develops omnichannel applications — legacy, web and mobile channels, terminals, digital servers, connected objects, etc. — and integrates them into your IS and your IT infrastructure.
  • Testing & Acceptance: Open is a recognised player in testing; it supports IT directors and different business units in software-testing  activities and has been offering them catalogues of industrial services for 10 years: maturity audits, certifications, application testing, performance testing, third-party application acceptance, mobile et omnichannel testing, automation, etc.
  • Agility, DevOps and automation: The lifecycle is constantly shifting to respond to the continuous acceleration of production cycles. Open’s specialised consultants and engineers can help you implement these innovative approaches, which can really accelerate your project’s go-to-market phase.
  • Application lifecycle, infrastructures and support: Open remains your partner throughout the lifecycle of your information system and offers a full range of customised maintenance, operation, administration and support services. These can be dedicated on the client’s site or pooled at a service centre.
Philippe KANONY
Director of Application & Infrastructure Services
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