As part of a unique Industrial Production System, Open's Infrastructure Management Service Centre meets its clients’ quality and security requirements.

Client satisfaction and services delivered to the user are central to the work of our service centre. Our teams' commitment and leading-edge expertise mean our clients have access to a pool of strong skills for application support, application management, change management, maintenance in operational condition and hybrid infrastructures (cloud and data center).

Now part of a digital world, infrastructure is required to make profound changes. Increasingly cloud-based, this infrastructure enhances the very business of our clients and new uses emerge. Aware of the need to shorten production cycles and optimise time-to-market, Open is here to support you for these new needs.

Innovation to give competitive edge 

Our Infrastructure Management Service Centre is based in Tours, France, where expert skills are brought together for a better pooling of all the services we offer. Expertise, tools, processes and procedures serve your digital transformation and your competitive edge.


Applications on all formats, ever more accessible to users 

Innovation is the very way we design products. By placing the user at the heart of our thought process, we apply architectural technologies and concepts to best meet user expectations and optimise service usability.

Dedicated support for users & apps 

Client satisfaction is a priority for Open. Our teams are committed to meeting deadlines and providing quality of service to ensure our clients' tools are available, taking account of their digital uses.

The Infrastructure Management Service Centre hosts our clients' projects in the best conditions, based on high-performance technical infrastructure and renowned expertise and skills.

The Tours-based service centre puts the focus on security. Open guarantees protection of the infrastructure and data stored and ensures the resilience of the services on offer with a second site where all capabilities are also active.

Fabrice Crochet
Infrastructure Service Centre Director
Contacter par e-mail

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