Open has a sustainable development policy based around 5 strategic goals that it has implemented progressively since 2009.

We are convinced that sustainable development represents not only a major issue for the survival of our planet, but also a source of opportunities to improve a company's performance. Over the years we have therefore developed an ambitious plan that reflects our values.

We believe that companies have a role to play in society, so we have been members of the Global Compact since 2009. This United Nations initiative brings together companies from all around the world that adopt a socially responsible attitude and commit to integrate and promote the 10 principles of human rights, protecting the environment, international working standards, and fighting against corruption.

In 2013, to illustrate our commitment, we defined our CSR strategy around 5 major goals, which represent our values.

Industrial performance

Open's prize asset is the confidence of our clients, employees and partners. We are therefore guided by the desire to be a local, professional company that depends on an Inshore production system, while remaining fully committed to our corporate values to our corporate values.

The dynamic of innovation

Open is convinced of the fundamental role that innovation plays in our capacity to offer our clients competitive products and services. In order to encourage innovation, we are committed to working on developing innovative solutions. This goal is part of a culture of sharing innovation that Open applies by taking part in developing cutting-edge technology through its strategy of Offers and Partnerships.

The drive to "Live Better at Open"

Open believes that professional satisfaction depends on the principles of the freedom and empowerment of our employees. To this end, Open is committed to allowing people to freely express their potential, their skills and their individual aspirations, in a context of equal opportunities and means. We therefore encourage an efficient, collaborative working culture of mutual respect.

Serving our clients with excellence

Open applies high-performance management systems to make our business a success. These systems guarantee the optimal quality of the company's products and services.

A responsible commitment

In view of the nature of our business, Open's activities only have a small environmental impact. However, we realise that we can take action at our level and so Open is applying a proactive approach to try and preserve our natural resources. To meet this goal, Open is committed to raising awareness amongst our employees and our clients about protecting the environment, particularly by improving the way we manage waste and increasing our use of recycled products with a selection of environmentally friendly consumables.

Our group is currently adopting the Middlenext “anti-corruption” code of conduct.
This document summarizes and presents the principles and beliefs on which this Code is based.

Open commits to micro-donations from salaries!

This participatory donation solution enables employees to contribute the “cents” of their salary to the association of their choice and to add an extra amount if they wish. The donations are transferred in their entirety to the beneficiary associations.

The associations supported by Open:

A solidarity-based partnership with the company microDON

MicroDON holds ESUS (‘Solidarity-Based Enterprise of Social Utility’) certification and is a pioneer in embedded giving in France. It proposes innovative solutions, such as round-up initiatives on salaries, at tills, online or on bank statements, whose goal is to foster everyday generosity (giving little but more often) and involvement in the non-profit sector through partnerships with businesses, local authorities and associations.

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CSR Charter Download
Rapport RSE 2017 Download
Anti-corruption code of conduct Middlenext Download
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