Open is an Agile player and a partner of the Agile Tour.
3 dates to chat with our agilists

Lille on 13 & 14 November, Paris on 29 November and Aix-en-Provence on 7 December!

Whether you’re curious about Agility, novices discovering Agility or practising agilists… during these events entirely devoted to Agility, share your practices in engineering, project management, innovation, teaching, coaching, facilitation and management.

On the programme!

  • AGILE TOUR Paris
    Discover DevOps with Lego®, Scrum and Chocolate!
    Presented by Arnaud Charpentier, Digital Agilist at Open and Nicolas Delahaye, Agile Coach at AgilBee eXcellency.
    Salle Corail • 2.00 pm – 3.30 pm

With LEGO® and chocolate, come and familiarise yourself with DevOps and building an efficient Scrum team including operational roles such as Release Manager or Security Engineer. In this lively and engaging workshop inspired by ideas from "The Phoenix Project" and "The Goal", elements of play facilitate the learning process by making it fun.

You will also find ways of optimising your overall workflow  thanks to:

  • the removal of silos within the organisation
  • the creation of self-organised and multidisciplinary teams.

    This new philosophy will enable you to increase the value provided to clients by amplifying the feedback loop.

  • AGILE TOUR Paris • Lille • Aix
    Stressss!!! The Serious Game byOpen: Lose it and you lose the game!
    With Nicolas Tondeur, Expert Agilist, Open and Marion Chupin, Front-End Developer Front, Open

Around a card game, each player assumes a specific role in a project team and everyone works together to ensure that none of their team-mates leaves due to burnout. At the beginning of the game, each player is given a card (at random) that represents their role in the team. Depending on this role, they are allowed or forbidden certain actions and a maximum level of "Stressss!!!" is associated.

In turn, each player has to play a card from their hand. These cards may very well add some "Stressss!!!" to that player, to another player or to the whole team; it may also eliminate “Stressss!!!" If, at the end of their turn, a player exceeds the maximum "Stressss!!!" level that they are able to handle, then everyone has lost the game. On the contrary, if all the cards are played without any player having a burnout, then the game has been won.

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