This participatory donation solution enables employees to contribute the “cents” of their salary to the association of their choice and to add an extra amount if they wish. The donations are transferred in their entirety to the beneficiary associations.

The associations supported by Open:

Education - Passerelles Numériques enables the most disadvantaged young people to receive further education, access employment in the new technologies sector and escape from poverty long-term. Passerelles Numériques has been present in Cambodia, the Philippines and Vietnam since 2005.


Health - Vaincre la Mucoviscidose provides support for patients and their families in every aspect of their lives turned upside down by cystic fibrosis. The association is organised around 4 priority missions: healing, providing care, improving quality of life and increasing awareness. Open has been supporting this association for several years through the Les Virades de l’Espoir event.


Environment – the Je t’aime, je sème initiative. Planète Urgence finances reforestation projects thereby contributing to the restoration and protection of endangered ecosystems and their populations. Since 2006, Planète Urgence has already planted more than 5 million trees in areas devastated by deforestation.

A solidarity-based partnership with the company microDON

MicroDON holds ESUS (‘Solidarity-Based Enterprise of Social Utility’) certification and is a pioneer in embedded giving in France. It proposes innovative solutions, such as round-up initiatives on salaries, at tills, online or on bank statements, whose goal is to foster everyday generosity (giving little but more often) and involvement in the non-profit sector through partnerships with businesses, local authorities and associations.

Micro-donations thus become accessible to all, both through their amount—from a few cents to a few euros—and their form—integrated into day-to-day activities.