We accompany you in your data-centric revolution, from strategy to implementation

Today, 61% of businesses acknowledge that Big Data is a driver for growth. However, they estimate that they use only 12% of their data, even though it helps to make decisions five times faster (1).

Working at the very core of methodological and technological innovation, Kynapse supports you in optimising your Big Data through our end-to-end offering, from definition of your trajectory and implementation of a suitable architecture, to successful completion of high business impact data projects. Our data scientists, Big Data engineers and consultants help you:

  • generate value by creating links between your data and your environment’s data,
  • produce synergies to anticipate, optimise and develop new ideas,
  • encourage change around the potential offered by algorithms.

(1) : according to the Markess 2015 study "Big Data and Analytics"

Our methodology

We work using agile methodology with short cycles and "stop & go" committees. Our consultancy teams, digital experts and technological platform are at your service.

We work iteratively, in a user-centric and data-centric manner. We work closely with your business & IS teams and place great importance on sharing and re-use.

Our offer

Our diverse client base of leading groups in a variety of sectors makes Kynapse a dynamic and innovative firm. Our expertise covers several uses per market segment:

  • Industry: energy optimisation, preventative maintenance, quality, R&D and innovation
  • Banking & Insurance: risk and fraud, customer recommendations, user rates, offer personalisation, customer services, investment optimisation
  • Transport: logistics-related event planning and management, real-time customer service, energy efficiency
  • Retail: real-time offers, stock and in-store experience optimisation
  • Telecoms: churn reduction, multichannel customer experiences, fraud detection
  • Public sector: IT services, fraud, misuse, public security, citizen relationship personalisation
  • Media: programme personalisation, real-time sentiment analysis, audience prediction / profitability and by cross-disciplinary themes:
  • Smart Cities: new uses serving smart cities, notably for water and electricity, transport, security / flow management, quality of life / environment
  • Recommendation systems: development of recommendation algorithms helping to improve company performance
  • Marketing / CRM: refining customer targeting, product personalisation assisted by machine learning
  • Preventative maintenance: operational process improvement, failure prevention, quality issue detection, service interruption planning, improving reactiveness, root cause analysis, predictive algorithms and dashboards
  • Chatbots: bot implementation by developing artificial intelligence modules, enriching technology with natural language processing in line with business contexts
  • Fraud detection: optimisation using predictive algorithms (outlier detection, clustering, classification)
  • Healthcare: diagnosis and prescription assistance, automatic follow-up and monitoring of patients, improvements to medical practices, clinical test analysis
    Supply chain optimisation: stock management (regression and classification models), procurement and distribution optimisation (delivery times, demand prediction, etc.)
  • Human resources: recruitment assistance (automatic CV analysis), in-house training suggestions to assist employee mobility, skills management, company climate survey analysis
  • Smart Factories: improvements to workers' safety, energy efficiency and production optimisation via sensors and connected objects, robots and artificial intelligence, use of Big Data and a cloud.

BIG DATA digital expertise

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From ideation to design to production of a Minimum Viable Product, Open invites you to its FastLab to accelerate your digital projects. The FastLab is a unique place, an ecosystem dedicated to your digital transformation offering methodology, expertise and technological platforms. .

For more information, check out our Fastlab® page.

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