As a partner of the EBG, Open led the "Marketplace: a Must-have for the digital strategy?" Task Force through 4 brainstorming workshops, which brought together around thirty advertisers. For six months, they all worked to understand the stakes of a Marketplace. These sessions were run by Olivier Czapka, Lateos byOpen Sales Manager, and Vincent Lorach, CEO of Lateos byOpen.

On 14 September, a round table will present the results of this work, in the form of a white paper that will be given to all participants.

Uber and Alibaba are among those that symbolise this wave of major new players using the latest technologies to offer services and products directly to buyers (professionals or consumers) and, in doing so, fundamentally shaking up consumption habits.

What if Hilton had beaten Airbnb to it; what if Barnes & Noble had pre-empted Amazon?! Launching your own Marketplace is a formidable way of becoming a major player in your market, digitalising your business or increasing its online monetisation, while perfectly controlling your cash flow:
In what context is this model most relevant? Products? Services? B2C? B2B?

  • What possibilities does this model also open up internally (procurement, etc.)?
  • What are the challenges associated with the launch of a marketplace? What resources are required?
  • What are the best practices on the operator side?

Round Table Speakers

Olivier Czapka
Sales Manager LATEOS byOpen
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