The digital revolution marks a structural transformation for all companies, which leads them to re-examine and transform their internal processes, their client relations and even their business model. Technological progress, combined with an ever-growing capacity for data analysis, offers them real opportunities in their digital transformation. To ensure this shift is successful, Open offers a range of digital expertise all along the value chain.

An IT and digital engine

Companies in the digital world use a different IT engine, built for purpose as a priority. To address the challenges associated with ‘Time to Market’, agility, responsiveness, speed and experimentation, Open supports companies in the construction of a new kind of IT engine. Based on mastery of the SMACS (Social, Mobility, Analytics, Cloud, Security) technologies and of the new activities surrounding digital marketing, this new engine aims to deliver as much functional relevance as value in use.

Digital Expertise byOpen

Open’s Digital Expertise means it can provide you with the levers for a successful digital transformation. Its teams are made up of experienced and diverse professionals (designers, digital project managers, data scientists, UX and UI experts, service designers, etc.), capable of addressing digital challenges in all business sectors in the long term.


Conduct your mobility projects end to end on short iterative cycles: from ideation and production through to the user buy-in and the monitoring of your App, Open’s experts design your projects using dedicated methods and solutions.

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Develop your cartographical projects by drawing on dedicated expertise and a unique tool for creating online and mobile maps: FullMaps.

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Big Data with Kynapse

Support for your data-centric revolution from its strategy through to its execution, by creating links between your data and that of your environment.

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Assistance along the entire IoT technological value chain, from the creation of your object through to the analysis and viewing of data. Supervision, security, dedicated networks are among the points addressed to roll out your projects by defining a business model based on actual use.

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Digital Commerce with Lateos

Fulfil your e-business requirements thanks to expertise dedicated to consultancy and executing your projects involving e-commerce and m-commerce websites and marketplaces.

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Digital Communication with La Netscouade

Support in creating your brand, content and relational strategies and in producing your platforms and applications.

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Open reinforces its Digital Expertise through dedicated Solutions: Primpromo (property development), XLoan (finance), Moodpeek (mobile reputation), FullMaps (cartography)…

Accelerate your digital projects

From ideation to design to production of a Minimum Viable Product, Open invites you to its FastLab to accelerate your digital projects. The Fastlab is a unique site bringing together an ecosystem dedicated to your digital transformation: methodology, technological expertise and platforms. For more information, go to the FastLab website.

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Director of Digital Agencies
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