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What if maps revealed your business potential?
Create, share and publish web and mobile maps in a very easy way
  • Build a map in a few clicks and share it with your team, partners and clients
  • Edit map content in real time for more efficiency
  • Publish your map on your websites and mobiles apps instantly
Collaborative and intuitive mapping Maps are no longer just reserved for experts
Easy to

A familiar interface and user-friendly features ease handling


Maps available from any device – smartphone, tablet… – at anytime

and collaborative

A real-time content update for a collaborative and secured work

Google maps A service known around the world
FullMaps chose the most comprehensive technology on the market, Google Maps APIs Premium Plan, so you can have the best mapping web services by means of a powerful and familiar interface.
  • Numerous services used monthly by more than a billion users (geocoding, multimodal itinerary calculation, iOS SDK, Android API...)
  • A trustworthy asset for any moment, ensuring a highly available service
  • 50 queries per second guaranteed by Google Cloud strength
  • Around-the-cloud data updates (more than 10,000 data editions per hour)

World-wide coverage with tens of millions referenced locations

Satellite images of the whole world (more than 20 million km² of high resolution images)

Street View images including more than 3,000 cities within 40 countries

Speed up your decision making process
Interactive maps
Health services in the Lille urban area
The Scotland Castle Trail
Waste management in Issy-les-Moulineaux (France)
Public service
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Business cases
Oil industry:
sales management of the card holders’ network

One leaders of the oil sector chose FullMaps to equip its sales team in charge of the professional loyalty cards network. FullMaps’ interface was personalized and enabled the sales team to visualize the service station of the network as well as partners affiliated to the fidelity program near the targeted companies. The sales representatives can therefore generate each week a full report, available both on computers and tablets, which details network’s cover and accessibility for the card holders of the targeted companies.

Banking sector:
follow-up of business activities

Setting up FullMaps in order to share a weekly report to sales agencies representatives: thanks to a functional enhancement, the collaborative report of FullMaps shows precious information on sales territories and key data on each sales rep activity (i.e. total amount of customers, contracts per customer, sales leads, business performance…). It is entirely embedded into customers’ information system and through its interface reflects their brand image. FullMaps can be used by everyone directly on the field with tablets or smartphones.

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